Who am I?

The most important thing about me: everybody calls me Nacho.

I was born in a small town at the south of Argentina, life took me to the capital city to study journalism and I’m currently living in London.

I like a lot of things, but mainly sports, travelling, reading, writing, music and cooking (and eating what I cook).

What do I do?

Content creation is my passion.

Journalism is not changing. It has already changed. Nowadays we all follow the self-employment path.

It al started when I moved to London. I started my own YouTube Channel to help people from my country and other Spanish-speaking countries to move to the UK. And I’m also show them the city,

I do vlogging as well and I take my camera with me when I travel.

What else do I do?

I love writing.

I write stories and articles about sports, productivity and life in general. Both in English and Spanish.

You can check my latest post in Spanish here.

And my posts in English here.

I also publish often in Medium. You can visit my profile in that platform by clicking on this link.

What can I do for you?

  • Video Edition
  • Content Writing
  • English-Spanish translations

If you need to contact me, whatever the reason, here’s my e-mail

Email me: ignaciozambello@gmail.com

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