5 Ways In Which Keeping Yourself Busy Can Be Beneficial For Your Health

You may have been told that being busy all the time is not good at all. What about time for oneself, or for family and friends? And what about my hobbies? We all deserve some time to just relax, think about nothing and let life past by. That’s true. But up to certain point. You […]

I’ve Been A YouTuber For 6 Months: Here’s How It Improved My Life

You’ve made already read this story: a journalist who wants no bosses but themselves, can’t find a 9-to-5 job and gives it a go to the freelancing world. That’s me and YouTube is one of my paths to that place we could call “journalist’s heaven”. Against all my thoughts and with no signs of future […]

How Internet made content creation easier, harder and better

“Nowadays everything is much easier”, people say, mainly your grandparents. They are totally right. I can know what’s going on in another continent, listen to any musical track, receive my salary and buy a car within seconds. But not all that glitters is gold. And that’s good.

Medium made it possible: I got paid for writing

One of the biggest goals in my life (if not the biggest) is to reach a state in which I am my own boss, in which I work from home or from any part of the world and at any time I want. If that includes doing what I love, then much better. Writing is […]