There’s no such thing as a thermometer for happiness.

There’s not an objective way to measure it. And even further, we won’t always agree on what happiness is.

Some people say that they can tell they’re happy because they feel time flies. After a couple of hours, they realise they’ve been having such a good time and they can’t believe how quick the clock turned.

There’re are hundreds of ways people use to determine whether they’ve had a good day or not.

After all these years, I’ve came up with a new one that works for me: your cellphone is the thermometer.

How much have you used your phone today?

Some days are better than others, there’s no doubt about that. Sometimes we wake up motivated because we know something awesome is going to happen and sometimes we go to bed thinking about how bad the last 24 hours have been.

Let me show you a particular way in which you can determine whether you’ve enjoyed the day or not. Of course it has no scientific basis and it hasn’t gone through some research, but It’s a way I find useful and you might, too.

people standing inside train station
Image by @jens_johnsson , Unsplash

First of all, we must assume that every morning when we wake up, the battery of our phones is at 100%. Some people charge it overnight, so that’s the case. Some people don’t, but you can still try this and adapt it to your personal situation (or you can charge your phone overnight).

We all have different routines. We have breakfast, maybe a shower, we read the news, we go to work, maybe then we go to a pub or to play some sports, then we come back home and, if we don’t have any special plans, maybe we cook, eat, relax a little bit and go to bed.

During those 16/20 hours that we are awake, there’s always time for doing nothing. The sofa looks tempting, and so does our phone. Most of us, when there’s nothing to do, check our social media profiles or watch some videos on YouTube.

I’ve already written about how doing nothing can be bad for your health, but this part is a particular one. When you’re not busy, yo go to your phone. You might spoke to someone you love or do something else that is really productive and necessary, but most of the time this is not the case.

Now the day is about to end. You’ve brushed your teeth and you’re ready to go to bed. But wait, there’s one more thing you need to do: check the thermometer.

Here’s the rule: the less battery, the less happiness. Thus, the more battery, the more happiness.

You’ve enjoyed all the activities you’ve done during the day? Then you haven’t use your phone that much, have you? The result is high battery.

You were totally bored and you didn’t feel comfortable at the party you went to, so you just spent the night checking Instagram stories. Guess what? Low battery.

This “rule” may not work for everyone, but it’s something I’ve found really useful. I must admit one thing, though. I’ve realised about this after having nice days only. What do I mean? Having low battery doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve had a bad day, but having high battery does mean that you’ve enjoyed it.

And that’s what I’ve discovered. After days in which I felt really happy, my phone’s battery was at it highest level. And hundreds of notifications were popping up on the screen. And it’s there when you realise you haven’t missed anything important.

There’s always a “but”

What about influencers? They work with their phones, don’t they? Yes, they do. That’s an exception in this case.

And what about if someone’s concept of happiness is spending the whole day with their phone? Fair enough, if they enjoy that then that’s another exception. But for me it’s hard to believe someone’s favourite hobby is pressing a screen all day long….

low-angle photography of two men playing beside two women
Image by @jens_johnsson , Unsplash

Again, this is not something that may work for everyone. You might think I’m talking bullsh*t, and you may be right. I just wanted to share something that had helped me realise what I enjoy the most during my journeys.

While I’m writing this my phone is there, locked, unused. What does that mean? The battery is not going down and I’m enjoying writing this story. If you are happy reading this, then you are not using your phone either! See?

Whenever you travel by public transport check all those people with their phones. Maybe they’re extremely happy, but you’ll find out that when curiosity invades your mind you’ll put your phone a side, raise your head and just admire what surrounds you. Believe me, it feels soooo good!

The same happens when we watch an interesting movie, or when we are playing sports. Are you enjoying that book? Then you’re not checking your phone. You cooked a nice meal yesterday, your hands were dirty and you liked it; your phone hasn’t been touched.

Come on you then, give it a go. Check your phone after a day you’ve really enjoyed. What’s the battery percentage?

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